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The Official "Sky Jaguar" Thread


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Sky Jaguar was the second game I released for the CV. It was the first MSX port I did, and I actually started the project after I had started Pac-Man. I was a big MSX user during most of the 80s, and Sky Jaguar was the first game I got for my brand new HotBit, so it still holds a special place in my heart. Actually I still like SJ a lot because the difficulty level is perfect for my skills. But the decision to port the game came when a friend of mine in Brazil told me he was having a hard time trying to port Road Fighter (MSX version) for the CV. I decided to help him and noticed that Road Fighter was actually using 2KB of RAM, so a port would be kind of non-trivial task. He was also using some kind of software to do all the conversion automatically, and that wasn't working right either. So out of curiosity I started to check out if any MSX game was actually using a single KB of RAM and found out that a few Konami games were indeed using that little. And since SJ was one such game, I decided to start porting MSX games. :)

The other fun fact was that I kind overestimated the sales potential of MSX games and sent Albert 80 copies of Sky Jaguar to have the game released during some show I don't even remember the name (I produced the cartridges in a holiday marathon that almost killed me and my wife). I was expecting the game to be a complete sellout after the show, but Albert managed to sell like 15 copies or so. So that was kind of a disappointment. In my mind if Space Invaders could sell 100 copies almost in day 1, Sky Jaguar, a much more advanced game, should be able to do that at least as quickly. But that isn’t how things work in Colecoland. Anyway, it took a little more time than I had originally anticipated but the game is finally sold out.

Just like SIC, I hope to re-release Sky Jaguar soon, to take advantage of the super module features. In the meantime you can enjoy the game using any good CV emulator, like BlueMSX.


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But two great space shooters are Gulkave and Star Force from Team PIxelboy.


These two games are highly ranked -you will not be disappointed, -they are fast. :)


Thanks for the recommendations, but I actually already have Gulkave, and I was lucky enough to get one of the last copies of Star Force before it sold out. I haven't received Star Force yet, but Gulkave is indeed awesome...I really wish I'd picked up one of those CV Arcade Controllers to play it with, though :P

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Have to agree with Opcode, Roadfighter is a nasty one to Port. I Already ported Pacman (MSX) and Comic Bakery (MSX) to the Memotech MTX computer (Almost same hardware specs. as the CV, just a bit quicker CPU). Actually I also have a runable verison of Roadfight at the Memotech MTX, but the soundemulation is not ok yet. But game runs. But its quite fun to do those ports - of cause wife thinks it waste of time but I dont :)

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