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Native playable demo


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Okay, just got through playing a bit of Native. WOW! Why is the absolute best side-scrolling 2D shooter (possibly best game period) for this system sitting dormant and unfinished? There doesn't seem to be a ton of info here or there. Not that I can make heads or tails out of the search engine anyway, but c'mon. Is there some goofy "developer" bureaucratic crap going on at work here or what? Or should we all get used to listening to Sabbath's Paranoid whilst we play? lol

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Great looking Jag game. :)


Forgot what the story was with Roland Graf and his team as to why they quit developing it. I believe it was going to be a CD game because it uses a lot of storage space. The star fields in it are actual representations.


Megadata's work on it(Native Spirit) is cool, I played his most recent revision and it's fun, he's got a huge gas giant planet in it, looks like Jupiter(has red spot superstorm) and himself pictured in a cryochamber towards the end - looks like a little bit of MegaDeth's Rust In Peace infuence there. Check it out. :)

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All you gotta do is put, Native, into the search box at the bottom of the Jaguar forum, of course. :)


Since I forgot what happened; Here's some info I turned up on the 29 resulting pages of topics/posts that has the word Native in it:


From this page:




Native was stopped because it was a Jag Server game (underground - so no official tools, no alpine, no cart, no CD) ALL code had to be loaded up in one go to ram so thats everything, in 2MB - it's just not enough ram... on a bank switched cart there'd be AMPLE room, but Duranik are no longer interested in the project and nobody who's taken it on later has really done much with it.


Now....one more time...What was the problem with Native....Oh here it is:


"This demo does not contain sounds, level bosses, and the Native extra weapon system due the low amount of available work RAM. Remember: It is not possible to reload data with the current version of the Jag-Server software, therefore we have to store all the compressed Native data in memory. We have to divide the memory into 1 MB work RAM and 1 MB compressed data. It was simply not possible to include more data like all the sounds and the 2 level bosses. Sorry.


Some Technical Details: 60 FPS (50 Hz PAL is not supported in the demo), 16 Bit CrY mode, Up to 4 layers of parallax scrolling, Transparency and lighting effects, Up to 120 sprites (OP-Objects) on-screen, Scaling effects (OP), Real time data decrunch (DSP), Game engine running completely on the GPU, Rotation effects (not included in demo - not enough work RAM).


Roland Graf - Coding, Johannes Graf - All graphics - Level design, Gordon Gibson - ICE decrunch routine

We don't have a publisher for Native yet. If we don't find a solution in the next 4 weeks we will stop any work on this game. As you can see on the demo size it is not possible to make a 16 MBit (2 MByte) cartridge out of this game. The complete level with the 2 bosses and FX samples will take about 1.6 MByte (and still does not contain any music). We are using a good compression algorithm but 2D graphics do need a lot of memory. The only solution is a CD version but we don't have a CD-devkit.


Hmmm so this game could not be put onto a cart....Well even if they do bankswitching for it, They still didnt have enough work RAM he said ...So did this 1 level game max out the RAM on the Jag for the 1 level so no Music/Weapons/Bosses....rotation effect could be added?


Duranik did not have an official dev kit. That means they did not have the comperssion tools to put this on a 2 meg cart.


Since the Duranik guys are German, here's a cool German musik video(heavy), with Native footage in it, that was brought up a while ago(BallerSpiel!). I liked the cool sounding and on time drums towards the beginning:


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Wow - thanks for all the great info guys! I'm going to check out that Native Spirit in a little bit :-)


Well, just checked it out and looks like it needs to be "assembled" using a PeeCee. Is there a .rom, .bin or .jag file for this demo floating around?

Nothing that's supposed to be distributed. The person doing Native Spirit would prefer only the source get distributed, which can then be compiled.

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Actually, he posted a COF on JSII in the Jaguar General and asked people to test-play it. If you have a Skunkboard it is quite playable on that.


If you are interested, send me a PM to remind me, and I will search for the link to the file when I get home later tonight.

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