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Incorrect game notes for 7800 Donkey Kong Jr.


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In looking up info for the 7800 version on Donkey Kong Jr., I noticed in the game notes that it states that "it features three levels, omitting the ‘Spark’ level." Upon playing my game, I found it to have 4 levels INCLUDING the Spark level. The levels were in this order: Vines, Moving Platform, Spark, and Keys/Chain (not sure of the actual names of each level, but I think you get the idea). I wasn't sure if the game notes were wrong or if there are different versions of this game out there. Just wanted to bring it to someone's attention.



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(not sure of the actual names of each level, but I think you get the idea)


I believe the spark level is called Mario's Hideout, but I always called it the spark factory. Yeah my version has this level too, the only thing that's missing is the little intermission with DK Jr. holding onto the umbrella.



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