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7800 - Happy Halloween!


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Here are some screenshots of a game I had hoped to get finished by today :-





Its still a WIP and will see binary releases for testing in a week or two. Many thanks to sh3-rg for lots of fantastic graphics :D.


The backstory :-


You play Van Allensings (pronounced Van Halen Sings geddit? ;)) the long lost and distant cousin to Van Helsing. You find yourself trapped in a spooky castle. The only way to escape is to collect the parts to the magic talisman. Sounds simple, apart from the fact that each talisman piece is guarded by none other than Dracula, Frankenstein and a Werewolf.


As you wander around the creepy old castle the spirits within have their fun by opening and closing doors in your path. The nastier spirits will manifest themselves in the room and charge at you. Luckily you have an infinite supply of throwing knives at your disposal.


You'll need to collect the keys, weapons and food to stay alive!


Now on to the technical stuff :-


This is another game developed using my 7800 "C" development system. After learning about the limitations of MARIA while getting Wasp! onto cart I realised the first version of the library wasn't going to be as flexible as I'd hoped :(. After a bit of a rethink I put more of MARIA's control into the game developers hands instead of my library. This game is the result. It was supposed to be a "mini game" but it soon spiralled into a much bigger game.


The game's engine is capable of displaying graphics with up to 64 colours on screen at once. Not a colour bar in sight! So no accusing me of cheating mmmmkay! :lolblue: That's the myth of the 7800 only being able to display 25 colours at once out of the window :D.


I know there are wasps as monsters but I just needed some "get me going" graphics. The first binary available will have all new monster graphics.


I'm hoping to get the game finished by the end of November and I'll be offering boxed and loose cart versions. I'm also hoping to add SaveKey support for the high scores.

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:lust: You know I'll buy anything you make, but wow... this is looking good!

Thanks for the compliment and vote of confidence Ax. It looks even better on a TV because of the anti-aliasing (smoothing out) of the graphics. Its also PAL and NTSC in one binary image (just like my other releases).

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Thanks for the compliments so far.


The preorder will start as soon as I'm confident that the game is good enough to go onto cart. E.g a good balance for the game play, no bugs, no crashes, no visual glitches and a good set of colours for PAL and NTSC. Because the game engine can handle lots of colours I want it to look good.

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