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2600 10s: who owns a Beagle or Xante game?


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sixteen beagle carts from auctions back around June:


adventure (07pwb)

backgammon (adams59)

beany bopper (agedatari)

bermuda triangle (ianoid)

berzerk (wolfman)

casino (ianoid)

china syndrome (wolfman)

cosmic ark (agedatari)

cosmic creeps (the2600)

dragonfire (me)

haunted house (ianoid)

megaforce (me)

megamania (wolfman)

video chess (agedatari)

wabbit (wolfman)

worm war (ianoid)


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I grabbed this image off of ebay from the seller.  In the picture, the game is in some kind of holder.  Upon receiving the game, it is a standard Atari cart with locking end.   Thanks for the help.



Actually, the cart in the picture is propped up on another cart laying sideways, face down. The only way to figure out if it isn't a cheap copy (if Brazillian pirates can get any cheaper - lol), is to open it up and take a look at the circuit board. I have opened quite a few of them and the circuit boards were all "aged" with no indication of recent soldering activity.


Hope that helps. :)

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