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2 worthy video game podcasts


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Hey guys!


Just wanted to say that we're bringing Genesis Gems back from the dead! We're going to make a few revisions though. We're going to call it Sega Gems, for one, in order to be able to cover some of the Sega arcade games, Game Gear games, Genesis and SMS games. My good buddy Landon's going to be the cohost, and we're going to try our best to keep it a weekly show as well.


Looking forward to getting back into it!

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Hey guys.


I had to create a new URL and RSS feed for Sega Gems. Here are the links:


URL: http://segagems.podomatic.com


RSS: http://segagems.podomatic.com/rss2.xml


I'll have the link for iTunes up by the end of the weekend.


I'm also going to upload the old Genesis Gems episodes first and then we're going to start the new format here in about a week or so. Any Sega games you'd like us to play/discuss?

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It's funny the Retronauts admitted they're "Nintendo kids" at their PRGE panel, it's evident in their Atari history some eps. back, where it felt they only went on textbook history, generally acting unsure of the subject matter IMO. You'd think w/ their seemingly knowledgable group, they'd be more familiar.


Maybe "Nintendonauts"?

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Has this been mentioned yet? Rob mentioned it on the latest Retro Junkies:


X S Gaming Podcast- 2 guys (dont be scared off by the cover photo) do "something old, something new, & a bit of nostalgia too". I got the latest ep. & the one from this past July w/ the Game Chasers (so I knew what I was getting into there). Fairly decent- not great, but worth listening to. More "old" than "new", thankfully.

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That podcast that escaped me is Laser Time, they are gamesradar people but discussions are pop-culture centric, mostly movies. Though Im downloading back eps that sound interesting.


The biggest problem I have there is, again, they use harsh language needlessly & interject it near constantly, usu. by the main host to express how good or bad something is- which of course can be done WITHOUT needless profanity.

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