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2 worthy video game podcasts


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Alright, threshold has been reached with Arcade Outsiders. I gave episode 11 an honest try, but there was a new factor in the constant interruptions of the flow to the podcast: 7-8 second length dropouts. Combine this with the pointless bell dinging, Siri voice, rick Flair "whoo!", overdone sexual innuendos on everything, Grinkers Grinkers Grinkers, that leaves about 10% of the podcast to on-topic discussion. Time to unsubscribe.


As for Stalking the Retro, iTunes actually downloaded an episode. Aside from the f-bomb heavy "wtf" game segment, it's an alright podcast. There's 51 episodes. Rating: C+

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Couple of news items:


- Neither of the the next two episode of You Don't Know Flack are game related. One is a belated Halloween episode, the other is a podcast about how to get started podcasting (a question I get a lot). I'll get back on the technical train after that.


- The No Quarter Podcast is now also on ThrowbackNetwork.net, joining the Atari 2600 Game by Game Podcast, the Intellivisionaries, and several other retro (but not video game) related podcasts.


- I know of two new podcasts in the works, one about old technology and a new arcade-themed one. Both of those are slated to appear on Throwback Network once they go live. It's a great time for retro-loving listeners!

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Couple of quick notes:


The Retro Computing Roundtable (RCR Podcast) has now been added to ThrowbackNetwork.net. I'm really stoked about that. Does anybody still say "stoked?" I guess I do.


Both of the non-technical YDKF episodes have been posted:


http://podcast.robohara.com/?p=400 (Halloween)

http://podcast.robohara.com/?p=408 (About Podcasting)


The "About Podcasting" one was really fun to do and features audio suggestions from Guy Hutchinson (Adventure Club Podcast, Flux Capaci-Cast, Drunk on Disney), Ferg, Earl Green from The Escape Pod, Rick and Paul from the Intellivisionaries, Doug McCoy, Carrington Vanston from No Quarter and the RCR Podcast, Sean (from Throwback Reviews, OTR Playlist, and the Android App Addicts), and the Retroist.


I'm driving cross-country tomorrow to attend the Kong Off 3 in Denver this weekend, so three guesses as to what the next episode of You Don't Know Flack will cover -- and the first two Kong Off guesses don't count. ;)

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I liked Rob's episode about podcasting, especially hearing from other casters about their own experiences & advice.


Sadly, yesterday I try to submit a new 'cast to iTunes, and the page doesn't work. Get it together, Apple.


And in other news, my playlist nicely organized all the Coast 2 Coast Pinball episodes in order.








Anyone else wish to cast their votes for the 2013 poddies? The virtual polls are virtually closing virtually soon. Virtual.

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I like on RetroMAME the background is all arcade game SFX, played just at the right level so as to be audible, but not distracting. It's fun to guess which game, also when the subject matter gets a bit dull. Amusing PSA-type gag about halfway thru the show too. A promising podcast!

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A new arcade-themed podcast has arrived!




Arcade Repair Tips QA Podcast. This podcast, as you can tell, is all about arcade games & and such. There was a significant amount of pinball talk in there, which was welcome. Good flow between the hosts, and I should listen to the prior episodes to get more of a feel. But so far so good. B+




As for non-gaming podcasts, I finally broke ground & submited to iTunes my little spinoff 'cast, just for music breaks. I talk about a band, and play 2 songs from them. That's it. As for the strange episode numbers, I'm trying to spell something out. Can you find out what it is?


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Why rejected? Music copyright problems?


Most likely, even though the artists I featured so far I thought would have flown under the RIAA radar. Bands that only released on vinyl, not even on major record labels I thought would be safe(but knew it was gonna happen anyway). Looking at Apple support communities, having a music-based podcast is the #1 rejection reason, which makes sense.


But, I don't need no iTunes to rock.

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Time for a CCG "donate" button?


Just noticed the latest BrokenToken shownotes explain it's all about pinball this time. This bud's for you S!


Heh. I don't want to beg for money like Retronauts. Even though the year of hosting for podcastgarden is less than 1% of what Retronauts needed. Heh.


Floppy Days has a new theme song.

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It's time for the 2013 podcast award winners. You can hear the audio version of it on my site, or just read the results here:


2013 Poddies


Best Video Podcast to Watch

Lazy Game Reviews


Winner: Lazy Game Reviews. Pretty easy considering there was only 1 entry. Good snark, great production values, and doesn’t drone on forever. Covers old and some not-so-old computer games. I would have included Sprite Castle, but wasn’t subbable on itunes.

Best Podcast We Miss Hearing New Episodes From



Digital Press

Retrogaming Radio

Old Game Plus


Winner: All of them. If you’re out there reading this, release a new episode, or release episodes more frequently. We miss you!


Discussion topics most beaten to death




Final Fantasy


Loser: All of them. Please stop talking about these. Hoever, the topic(er, format) that was the true winner was the single-game episode format. Genesis Gems, No Quarter & Atari 2600 game by game does this, and it’s perfect. One game(or 2 if it’s 2600), and that’s it.


Best Arcade Coin-Op Podcast


Broken Token

Arcade Outsiders

Retro MAME Arcade


Winner: Broken Token and Retro MAME Arcade


Best New Pinball Podcast


Coast 2 Coast Pinball

Pinball Soul


Winner: Coast 2 Coast Pinball -
No shortage of episodes to choose from. Just straight honest pinball talk.

Best Podcast to Unsubscribe From


Video Game Rescue

RF Generation


Winner: Video Game RF Rescue Generation. I honestly can’t tell the two apart, like Dylan McDermot & Delmort Mulroney.

Best MicroComputer Podcast


Floppy Days

Retrocomputing Roundtable

ANTIC(the Atari 8-bit one)


Winner: Retrocomputing Roundtable

But really, all of them are good.

2013 Podcast of the Year


The Intellivisonaries

Atari 2600 Game by Game

Retro Game Squad

Coast 2 Coast Pinball


and the Winner....


2600 Game By Game Podcast

Ferg’s podcast embraces the core values of what the community wanted: Focused retro gaming discussion and nothing else. This one is straight and to the point. No kickstarter, excessive off-topic banter, youtube, or developer interviews.


And here's a picture of Ferg and his award!





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