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I am curious as to everyone's experience with Go Atari. I recently bought 6 items from them on eBay and the customer service has been extremely poor. It took me several days to get an email response to 3 emails that I sent them, yet I continued to get emails from them asking how I was going to pay for the auction. Pete Curry finally emailed me and did state that he had been out of town, but that he would respond to my emails within 24 hours. He did respond, but did not answer my questions.


I then decided to call in my payment. The woman who answered the phone had no clue about the products. She took my order for the 6 Lynx games and said shipping would be $5. I asked her for a total and she said that she could not give me one, but that I would get an email stating the total. I figured up the total myself based on $5 shipping and sent an email to Pete Curry to verify the total. I want to know the total because the credit card I gave them is tied to my checking acount. It has now been several days and I have not received an email back and I still do not know the total. It has not posted to my bank account either.


I have been on eBay for several years now. Go Atari was one of my first transactions on eBay years ago and it was a very good transaction, but this time around I have been disapointed with the customer service. I think that part of the problem is that they no longer accept PayPay. Has anyone else had a similar experience with Go Atari?

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i hear ya man. But ijust got an email from him myself telling me he got all my emails - 6 of them - but i didnt send my credit card info till now :D

Last couple times i won something he was quick about it. But i guess sometimes stuff comes up?

Anywho - i need that xtra jag to store away for the future :)

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