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retro events in the UK - does anyone know of any? and dates?


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In a nutshell: no. Most UK meets are about catching up with people, drinking, playing games and having fun. Usually not much selling going on. Biggest event generally would be Eurocon, which next year will be in the UK in the Manchester region. But no idea if anyone would have ST stuff to sell; most people I know were into the Amiga instead or consoles.

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hi people


can anyone point me in the right direction or give me list of retro events in the UK that's also good for buying Atari ST hardware


i don't mean things like Jagfest as that is too small


BIG events with lot's of sellers where there is lot's of hardware available to buy :)


I can tell you now you will not find more Atari stuff to buy at any UK retro event than at JFUK. The very fact 16/32 systems is there (Webshop) is enough especially as he owns the rights exclusively to many ST and Falcon products.

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