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vectrex controll


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Today my neighbour gave me his old vectrex game consol. I have been facinated by this since I was a boy. Now there are one controll and it works ok. its a bit problems with the stearing and firebutton. But since it has 2 player i want one or 2 new controls. Now I dont know how to build/convert a control. But can I buy from somewhere? And if so how much does it cost?

I would VERY much appreciate if someone could help me with this.

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Yeah unfortunately John Dondzila, wonderful Vectrex preserver with games and all, has been trying to find a replacement for his Genesis to Vectrex converted pads for months now but hasn't yet.


Someone on here also posted a while back of a new Vectrex controller (that looked big and expensive but you never know) but I can't find it now. I assume that hasn't been released or else it would have been posted on the Vectrex news sites and all by now. Anyone have any updates on it?

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Here's the "google cached" link to do it.


There are 2 versions described on the page. A PIC controlled better version (remappable buttons, rapid fire, etc), and just wiring it in without the PIC controller.



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The Vectrex controller isn't electronically complex. It has no active electronics (chips, transistors, etc.) If somebody wanted to build their own, the thumbstick out of a PS2 controller has the same resistance properties as the original. As far as the electronic aspect, one could build a controller directly from the schematics provided in the Vectrex service manual (available online).


I haven't taken one apart to check the value of the pots in a Hyperscan controller, but on the surface they look like a prime target for modding into a Vectrex controller.


(If I wasn't really busy at work and in the middle of remodeling a house and buying another one that will need some remodeling...then moving to the new house, I'd probably build some Vectrex controllers for sale.)

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