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As one of the strange people that has an extensive collection of books on the TI in many languages (English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish), I am definitely interested in this book, as it is one I have not seen before. I have a couple of others from SHIFT EDITION, but this one is definitely new to me. As to scanning the books from other languages, Retroclouds--that is on my voluminous list of things to do. . .some of them cover subjects that didn't make it into the English side very often as well. I have one very good book on TurboPASC99 and a number of good books on Assembly (all of these are in German).

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* Added new section: Compilers

* Moved MLC to the newly created compiler section, including youtube video on Kaboom!

* Added Harry Wilhelms' BASIC compiler to the compiler section

* Video tutorials: Added some youtube videos (by opry99er) on how to use the Wilhelm compiler

* Video tutorials: Renamed subsection "Others" to "File transfer"

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These are the files for the Turbo Pasc'99 Pascal development environment for the TI 99/4A designed by Wiposoft in 1986. The zip file contains 4 disk images in V9t9 format for the compiler, libraries and demos. The original German manual was translated by apersson850 (Thanks!!!!) to English.


While Turbo Pasc'99 is not as complete an implementation of Pascal as the UCSD Pascal system, it does have the advantage of not requiring any special hardware other than 32K RAM and a disk drive, and will likely meet the programming needs of most TIers.


I hope you find this package useful :)



ADDENDUM: The current compiler disk image currently has issues. I am working at finding a fix if possible.



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It was time for an update of the sticky thread:


* Merged sections "Programming Libraries" and "Compilers" and renamed to "Toolkits and Compilers"

* Added The Missing Link 2.0 to "Toolkits and Compilers"

* Added the patched version of Turbo Pasc'99 to the Programming languages section

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Sticky thread updated:


* V9t9 emulator added to "Emulators" section (Author: @eswartz)

* TIImageTool added to "File Transfer" section (Author: @mizapf)

* XB Compiler v2.1 added to "Toolkits AND Compilers" section (Author: @senior_falcon)

* Unofficial Magellan version 1.5 added (Update by: @sometimes99er)


* Removed the Mod2PSG2 tracker from the Audio section. Mod2PSG2 no longer available @ kontechs.

You can still find a version on SMS Power.

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It looks like the win994a emulator has been updated (see the post on the Yahoo group below), and it fixes the assembler bug among other things. This is indeed great news!


Hi Guys-


Please excuse the cross post. Just wanted to let everybody that Cory Burr

released a new version of Win994a.




-This version of Win994a is fairly light on changes. Mainly, these are technical

internal modifications and most folks won't see any difference.


-The "X" (eXecute) cpu opcode has been modified to function correctly. In past

versions, failure of this opcode caused several cartridges to malfunction, often

resulting in crashes and Win994a reboots. Opcodes that set the "carry flag" were

modified slightly.


-The Win994a Preferences Dialog has been modified to include a fast 16bit access

32K Extended Memory option.


-The Disk Manager application has virtually stayed the same.


-The assembler application has been revised and updated to correct a problem

with the resulting machine code generated by a few conditional branch op codes.


You can download it at:






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Multiple changes:


* Added 2nd Edition of the TI Forth Instruction Manual, updated and enhanced by @Lee Stewart

* Fixed the URL's pointing to Fred's homepage. Seems that Fred is a moving target ;-)

* Added LGMA Products' FORTRAN v4.4 to the programming language section.

* Added reference to the TI99ers Hall Of Fame where appropriate (http://www.ti99hof.org/index.html)

Edited by retroclouds
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