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Thanks for all the support, but since Zach is working on Chetiry again, this project is dead, for now...


I really don't think you should abandon this project. Chetiry is not a 2 player game, and there are plenty of variations that you can include, e.g. an easy-spin mode.



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One of my major beefs with this game was that it took a long time for a line to clear. I wanted it to do like it did in Chetiry. So, I got another idea of how to clear the lines and it took a few hours (and zillion attempts at getting things right) and I think I have it so that the lines clear much faster now. Some play testing needs to be done on Harmony (especially the 2-player mode), though. I know, I really should get a Harmony cart of my own, but I just can't afford it right now.


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I think I fixed that one. I tried cleaning out four lines and it worked. Also, in this version, you can change the colors from black and white to color (and back and forth) during the game, too, not just the title screen. I don't know why people haven't commented on my little surprise if you get 100 lines or more in 1 player A-Type. It's basically the same thing that happens in Tetris for Game Boy: A rocket launches (only mine says "USA" on it, although we don't launch rockets any more. How sad...) and the same music from the Game Boy version of Tetris plays. If you spot any bugs, as usual, please let me know.


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The clearing works much better now. The faster speed makes the game much more enjoyable. :thumbsup:


My issue with it now though, is that at times the rotate controls are frustratingly unresponsive. I want to tap the button and immediately have the piece rotate 90°, but it feels like there's a delay, or that I have to tap and release the button for it to rotate. So I'll start button-mashing, which causes the piece to rotate too far. I'm not sure if this is a side-effect of there being an auto-rotate when you hold the fire button down, but I'd suggest removing auto-rotate, especially if it means more instantaneous response. One tap, one rotation 90°. Instantly.

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I got in the mood to make the game even faster moving, so I don't know how you feel about the flashing lines (if you get a full row) I had to delete them to make way for the new way the program calculates if there's a line or not. This new way is IMO faster than the old way, and should make both the two-player and one-player games faster.


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