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Okie Dokie, thy goodness is not mine


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Guess I'll have to stick to playing it on Supercharger. At least I'm realistic enough to presume the final bidder didn't best me by 50 cents; I'm sure he probably bid $100 higher than I did. Still, psychologically speaking, it sux rox. :(

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I have miss this auction. But I already have one.  


Okie Dokie #89/100


is mine, and I have only pay the half from this price 80,- - 90,- Euro.  :)  :D


Have I told you lately how much I envy you? :D


PS: One of my best friends is also named Matthias, and he lives in Switzerland. :D

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In case you didn't know, you can now buy Okie Dokie right here on AtariAge:




It isn't the signed and numbered version, but it's got an all-new label and a color manual for the first time.


Now how did I miss that? :ponder: I have no idea! Still I'm sure if Bob okayed (no pun) a new run of carts, they probably don't include the original easter egg that was unique to each of the first 100. I think it's funny that intentionally or not, that also became the perfect way for him to keep track of who dumped the ROM whenever he saw one online, as he told me himself about several he came across websurfing. :D


If you haven't already processed my order for Skeleton, tack on Okie Dokie 2.0 plz. I won't make the original owner's list but I'll still be proud to own a cart copy of Mr. Colbert's cool game. :)

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We just added it to the store, that's why you missed it. ;)


I didn't even think about the Easter Egg! But it's better we just stick to the regular ROM so that the Eastar Egg stays unique to the collectors edition. We didn't get a new ROM from Bob, so I'm sure it's the same one that everyone already has.


We'll give you a total including Okie Dokie for your order. :)

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