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What is the best way to attrack people on ebay


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Huge Kit


Really rare




Complete system


Ready to work






And you what are you puttin on a subject to attrack people on ebay? Personnaly I never used the L@@K. I prefer to be simple, like: ''Colecovision System with 52 games'' or something like that.


However, on the description I will put work like RARE, COMPLETE, TESTED, READY TO WORK.


I always get a good price on my auction!!!! Maybe I'm just lucky :D

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From someone who has used Ebay alot, here's what I look for and what I ignor:


Look for:

System (2600, etc.)

Title of game

Instructions included or not


Box included or not

reasonable Buy it Now price




Anything that says RARE - 99.9% of them aren't (my definition would be any game that shows up less than 12 times in a year)

ridiculous starting bid

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Reasonable Shipping prices!

a friend of mine is trying to finish a collection of wrestling figures but cant since everyone is charging ridiculous shipping prices for one and or more figures. They wiegh waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less than a pound and are charging 6.00,7.00,8.00 and even 10.00! to ship ONE wrestling FIGURE! these people are NUTS, along with the win one or more wrestling figures and its 7.00 for the first figure 4.00 for each!


so the point is keep reasonable shipping prices, people will just walk away from auctions with stupid shipping prices

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You guys aren't covering the title here. It isn't what will get the highest bids once they see your auction. It is what will ATTRACT, yes he misspelled it, but you get the jist.


When I do a search, the first thing I try and do is something like this.


Atari 2600 Boxed

Atari 2600 Box

Atari 2600 MIB

Atari 2600 Sealed


Those are the key words. Then if I see a seller has a cool item and says he has more stuff, I click on 'sellers other auctions' under the auction I am looking at.


Trust me when I tell you that unless you have an unlimited amount of time and "funds" since you wouldn't be working, you would not be able to view every auction.


Try to key in on what you want. If you are newer to collecting, you'll literally need everything. If you are like me, you need the rarest of the rare, and of course boxes. Collecting has been getting extremely hard for me since I own a ton of games.


So narrow your search unless you have a day off. :)



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