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Rumbles codes for the Madmab Editions emus


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Having rumbles for our old classic games is now possible thanks to the xbox 1

(perheaps you have already try this feature with zsnexbox and the many rumbles i have created for >100 snes games)


Now with the Madmab editions emus a nice addition has appeared (maybe you have noticed it in the new mednafenx nes beta):

it is the "custom cheat database", when you are in the in game option menu and enter the "cheat code" menu, you can access the "search custom cheat database" and inside this list are all the rumbles available for the nes games. I'm in the process of completing as much stable rumbles codes for the major system now:

nes, genesis, pc engine, atari 7800, snes, master system.


imagine playing double dragon 2 on the nes and "feeling" each uppercut on the vilain's ugly face or feel the power each time billy or jimmy is being hit! yeah, the rumbles are really bringing a new experience to discover again your old classics


coming soon:


all the custom database for each emu, basically you will just have to put this file in the emu root, and all the rumbles will be accessible via the cheat code menu


p.s.: oh and for the one who doesn't like rumbles at all, don't forget you are lucky and madmab always let you the possibility to activate/desactivate each rumble separetly and also you can always adjust each rumble (motor strenght and duration)

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no it's ok madsmab

updated now, have you tryed them?


rumbles for nes genesis ans snes (14 december 09).rar


in this pack you will find a "codelist.inf" for nes (mednafenX nes) and genesis (neogenesis)

simply put the file in the emu root and you will have access to the rumbles database in the "cheat code" menu

(if you are a lucky owner of the future "madmab edition" neogenesis


for snes i have included the rumbles for zsnexbox, for this one it is different, you have to put the rumbles files in the "rumble" folder of zsnexbox and the rom name (ex "contra III.zip")

must match the .rmb file (ex "contra III.rmb") if it match, you will have rumbles


for each emu (madmab editions ones or nes6502 zsnexbox) YOU CAN always adjust each rumble separetly (adjusting the motors strenght and duration, or desactivate one rumble (so don't complain if one rumble is too strong for your own tastes :rolleyes: )


so far i have done:


- various rumbles for ~100 of the major snes games

- various rumbles for 85 genesis games

- various rumbles for ~ 100 nes games


you will notice i have created ALSO the rumbles for BOTH 1player and 2player (it is always better to play nes, genesis or snes with a pal)


p.s.: all the rumbles i created are "stable" i mean they are created by a mathematically decreasing or increasing value (i haven't found them by luck or randomly searching with blind eyes)


It is just a nice addition, so simply enjoy them :) or desactivate them :angry: (it is a bonus) ;)

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