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AtariAge Subscriptions Now Available!


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I just now found this forum topic and did not know about the subscription. I just GLADLY paid my annual fee. I feel that is the least I can do to help support this awsome site!


Thanks Al, your website is AWSOME!


- ManCaveArcade


Thanks, glad you enjoy the site! :D



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You can subscribe at the following link:


AtariAge Subscriptions


This page has a chart which shows the subscriber benefits:





Might want to update your links in the main post. None of them work anymore.


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Why is the subscriber forum so great ? :)


You get early access to some homebrews among other things but that's really not the point of the sub. The subscription helps pay for the ever increasing server costs and is a nice way to chip in for having a place as nice as AtariAge to play in the first place. The best things in life are free but that doesn't mean you can't use the monetary system to show appreciation if it is within your means to do so.

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1 minute ago, bent_pin said:

Looks like you got it fixed

I updated the forum software to the latest version recently. I know this included some PayPal-related changes, so hopefully it's working better than it was. I know I continue to see subscription payments, but hard for me to know if anyone is having problems unless they are reported. 


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