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Cartridge board pre-orders!


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Hi, Everyone -


The boxes are off to Bob and Larry (I took a double take at those names together for a second, and then remembered Bob and Larry are in VeggieTales <grin>). They should have both boxes in by the end of the week and will let everyone know (either on here or via e-mail) that they are ready to start shipping.


I would like to sincerely thank them for their help.


I'll start e-mailing my folks (quantity 1, 4, and 10) their cart postage/handling invoices by the end of the week. I really do appreciate everyone's patience while we had the board house manufacture the boards, and divvied up the logistics about how to best to get them to you.

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Just an update...


Bob and Larry now have their shipments and are beginning the process of invoicing everyone and packing/shipping them. Please stay tuned and send them any questions you might have. I've also been shipping mine gradually, and some people might already have them in their mailboxes.


As for the assembled spares that I had (qty 12), I'm waiting on one person to decide quantities, but it looks like that three-four extra people will be taking the assembled spares.


However, fear not! I will likely have some unassembled kits that I will sell (I'm not assembling them), that were spare parts from the run that I purchased to get the inventory off of ACC Electronix's books. (I think like 13 boards and probably 100 of the 68 ohm resistors were spare. Anyone need resistors?) I think I have enough personal spare components to make approximately 10-12 more unassembled kits. Stay tuned, I will make an announcement about those after I do a parts inventory.

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Picked up my 50 PCB's and 50 cartridges at customs today. Guess they have tracked me now :ponder:


Costed me 74 euros. And the lady from customs, man let me tell you; I thought I was facing russian KGB this time.


The boards do make up for it nicely. It was well worth it. They are of the finest quality!

Also the way everything was shipped, very very professional.


If there ever will be a next shipment, I won't mind the electroshocks at customs.... hmmmm not really :-D


Thanks for the hard work on this Jon! Appreciate it a lot.



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