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Honeycomb Rapture (RGPC)


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Hey--- due to the marvellous efforts of a couple brilliant TI minds, a flawless HR version is now available to play. Matthew Hagerty was kind enough to take Tursi's source for making the music play and write his own player that now runs the music flawlessly. I am very blessed to have such great people on my side. :). I'll post the new zipfile in a moment. How cool is our community!?!?

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Here's all you gotta do:


Unzip this file

Change the name of your current DSK1 to something else (I like using @DSK1)

Move this unzipped "DSK1" file into your Classic99 folder

Start Classic99 (Extended BASIC)

Program will auto-load


Thanks again to Matthew. =) Have fun playing this game, guys. Scoring goes as follows


*100 points for each bee that reaches the Honeycomb

*100 points for each Queenbee token acquired

*1000 points and an extra bee for collecting all 5 tokens in UFO stage


Still no DDT drop implemented, but there IS a cartridge version in the works (teaser) that will have everything implemented---




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