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Odyssey 2 - the flimsiest game boxes ever known to mankind


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Yep, they're just about the worst ever. Seems that they 'dried' up or something, despite their waxy or plastic covering - making 'em that much more brittle. Even worse yet, most of the taped boxes I've seen, people used making tape on 'em! You know, that brown tape that dries out and gets all crusty. Same problem as the boxes, but this time, there's a shitty residue left behind :(

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these are the cardboard boxes.i guess i will have to tape them up.they are literally coming apart!!!

Tradengames has a friend (the co author of his book) that scored a large lot of MINT shrinkwrapped games he was selling back about a year ago, not sure how many are left but thought I would mention it to you.

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but they get credit for being gatefold boxes


what percentage of atari games do you see boxed in the wild? its a lot lower than the percentage of boxed o^2 games

At least remarkable since the O2 sold a lot less units.

Where i live it is harder to buy loose o2 games then boxed o2 games.

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While the Odyssey2 game boxes are not that great, they're certainly better than Bally Astrocade boxes. Those don't even have fronts (they use the manual as the cover, then the whole thing is shrinkwrapped; of course I'm not talking about the blister pack versions of the games, but we may as throw those in there as well).

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i just got a lot of odyssey 2 games in boxes.before i only had carts......man.are these the cheapest boxes ever!!!!


they are just coming apart due to poor design!!!

Yep....still flimsy! LOL

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Actually, I don't think they are all that bad. The wrong way to tape is on the outside of the box. DO NOT DO THAT! If you are going to tape the box, tape it on the inside corners with clear packing tape like this:




For a better taped look, cut clear packing tape in small corner triangles instead of the straight pieces I show in the above image.


If you really want to get fancy, you can make a big sticker (on gloss label stock) that mimics the box inside seams. Basically a custom tape job:





The boxes are 10 times stronger when taped in this manner (meaning the inside corners being taped) than taping the outside corners. Plus your boxes will look better too:




BTW, here is the Box Fix stickers in pdf. Just print, cut out with a hobby knife, and apply to the inside of your OD2 box:



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Yeah most of mine have various amounts of damage too although most of them I buy second hand.


Can say the same for the system itself too, its the only system I have which is probably actually worse than the NES when it comes to reading carts, usually they don't work at all.

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