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Did you see that Sub Commander?....

Cassidy Nolen

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I had a mint Sub Commander until some guy name Matthew Hubbard wrote all over the label and ruined it! :D


I'll admit though, you rarely see the box for this game (I only have the cart and instructions), but I could have easily picked one up for less than $30. $150 is insane!



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Holy cow!  A 150+ for a sub commander in the box?  I bid 60 and thought I was nuts for that !  Unreal.  That is a classic example of someone who was willing to spend anything for what they wanted.  I guess I did not want it bad enough.....:)




Sorry, I tought I had found you what you were looking for. Who knew that people would go crazy over this one.

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Just an FYI, CPUWIZ is the man. He remembered I was looking for one, and emailed me when he found it. I would just like to say, Atari collectors are some of the greatest people out there. Thanks for finding it for me. Neither one of us could have known there was someone that crazy (seeing how crazy we all are!).




BTW, Tempest: Still think you could find me a boxed one for under 50? :) I would be interested.....

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