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It's coming! (to a jag near you)


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Death Tongue is coming to a Jaguar near you!


DeathTongue Productions is proud to announce its upcoming release for the Jaguar.


Before reading any further click the link in the post above to check out a video. There are both high and standard resolutions for your viewing pleasure. These are captured right off of the Jaguar's video out.


So what will Death Tongue the game be? A kickass game using a modified Doom engine. The game will use all new assets. All legacy assets are property of id Software and will not be used. More info on the actual game will be release in the days to come.


The above video is a teaser we wanted to release so you could see what we have accomplished with our Doom hacking. In the video you see many new textures to replace the standard Doom ones. New sprite assets for things like health potions, radiactive barrels, armour, and most importantly a new enemy in the game. This is to show that we can replace any assets in the game. The only type of asset not replaced in this demo is the level itself. We haven't got around to working on levels yet, but we wanted to get this demo out to you now.


We expect in the coming months to release a small demo that will work with Skunkboards, Flash Carts, Alpines, and possibly BJL and JagCD.


No release date is set yet for the demo or finished product.


We have had a lot of fun working on this. We know how badly the Jaguar community has wanted something using the Doom engine. We aim to bring it to you.


Who makes up DeathTongue Productions? Currently we are two members strong. We have myself doing the coding/level design/sound work. And viMaster doing the artwork/level design/sound work.

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Very nice. Excellent work! Is this eventually going to be for the Skunkboard?


Now, maybe one day someone somewhere would remapped Doom controls to take advantage of the Pro-controller.

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Final word on this subject. If you don't like it create a new thread to bitch.


We have been in contact with Carmack. He said we are fine treating the Doom source as a GPL release and giving back any source code changes we make. Which we will do. He also said he would love to see us release a new cart. His only requirements were we honor the GPL and do a true total conversion (no id assets in the WAD).



Really! This is very encouraging news. I guess this means there will be a cartridge release after all.

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Why does every one think they have a right to a free ride? Sheesh....Well Belboz, now

you are no doubt about to get a little of what I've dealt with in this community for

years. Give something to it and you know that no good deed will go unpunished. ;)



Of course ther are those that want to 'go back to sleep too'. As if they think they

can do better.


At any rate Belboz.....Nice job figuring out the old WAD files. Amazing how some of the so called 'experts'

could not do this. You obviously have mad skills in comparison. Great Work! :)

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Its all good Gorf.


viMaster and myself didn't go into this blindly. When we knew we had something tangible done code and tools wise, we did our due diligence.


As for the WAD file format. It isn't that difficult actually. Surprised nobody besides us and Matthias (he deserves mention since he got there first) have figured it out.

Edited by belboz
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Can a moderator split all this stuff related to licensing and such to a new topic. maybe "doom licensing" or some such thing.


I would like to keep this focused on the game announcement.




Good job so far. I can't wait to play the finished product. I hope there will be a fixed network mode?

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So much for truthful debate.....I guess I'll be actioning off all my Jag stuff as I had planeed to this spring.

It seems this community has shown me nothing worth bothering for....7800 Im yours.



Hey now! I know it can be discouraging when certain people cause trouble, but there are plenty of people like me who value your work and products.

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So much for truthful debate.....I guess I'll be actioning off all my Jag stuff as I had planeed to this spring.

It seems this community has shown me nothing worth bothering for....7800 Im yours.

The Jag community is filled with greed, hatred, envy, lust, distrust, jealously, a tad bit of hope, a few dedicated fans, bad history, animosity, assholes, undesirable people, filth, scum, love, hate, pirates, thieves, ebay whores,backstabbers, SS4U, 1 or 2 developers, illegal ROM distribution, a few hackers, and so much more... whats not to like about that buddy???





"BUDDIES 4-LIFE"icon_mrgreen.gif

And If all that didn't scare me away after all these years NOTHING will.

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