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Harmony cart "THANK YOU!" thread


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The Harmony Cart is probably the BEST purchase I have ever made.


I have had so much joy from it today - I am still feeling excited all over, and it's user-friendliness, the ingenious menu system, the handy way every cool and user-friendly feature is executed just makes me radiate gratitude towards those brilliant people who have uplifted the mundane misery of so many people!


It is a very generous and compassionate thing to do, such a sacrifice with hard work and lots of hassle and trouble - just to bring us very low-priced, very affordable piece of pure joy and genius - I can never put my feelings to words, how much it touches me that there are people like this in existence, and thus I cannot never really thank enough..


But THANK YOU, thank you so very much from my whole being as a human point of existence in this endless Cosmos - Thank you, mr. Batari!


Thank you, mr. Cd-w!

Thank you, mr. Stephena!

Thank you, mr. Delicon!

Thank you, mr. Jentzsch!

Thank you, mr. Supercat!

Thank you, mr. Strum!

Thank you, mr. Yarusso!


I really appreciate your kind deed of the most wonderful kind - THANK YOU ALL!




- Monk


p.s. Harmony Cart is SOOOOOO COOOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (-8

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Making a program with Fred Quimby's Batari Basic (and Jeff Wierer's Visual Batari Basic) and seeing it run on a real VCS with Fred Quimby's Harmony cart is incredible!

Thank you very much!

You deserve a monument Fred!

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I've had my Harmony cart for a while now but damned if I could find a second to get it set up and everything; haven't had a chance to use it yet. :(


BUT THANK YOU!!! And also thank you for giving me a reason to keep that (what I thought was) useless 512-megabyte SD card that came with my digital recorder. :)


And I too would love a 7800 version...or at least for some firmware to make the Harmony work with 7800 games. 8)

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And I too would love a 7800 version...or at least for some firmware to make the Harmony work with 7800 games. 8)


The Harmony can't play 7800 games as it doesn't have enough internal memory, or connect to all of the pins on the 7800 cartridge port.

It may be possible to do something similar to the Harmony for the 7800, but it would require a new hardware design and would probably cost a lot more.



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Gotta add my thanks. I have had my 7800 running the CC2 for quite some time. It's nice to see the old 2600 running as my primary machine again. Very cool.



Now if I could get that 5200 "Rhapsody" cart that you guys are working on... Hee-Hee-hee!

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Just got mine. This is quite brilliant - my boxed games can now sit and look pretty while the Harmony does all the work. Nice to be able to get to try rare and Starpath games too.


This is out of the top drawer - well done lads.

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