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What is your best deal/find on ebay?


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Got a boxed Odyssey one complete with the mail in game overlays, boxed rifle and all carts. Complete with shipping, 85 bucks.


Also got a Promotional Boxed Atari 2600 complete for 55.00 with 10 games in the boxes.


Night Driver Cockpit game, needed a monitor, but got it for 100 (I missed the one I sold to Digital Press!).



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no one deal sticks out like getting a 10 rare for $10 but here's a few of my favorites:


7800 with 18 games, complete setup. $40 (got me started on the 7800 :) )

5200 2+4 port consoles, tracball, some games, complete setup. $25 (also got me going)

Jag CD complete with 5 cd games. $90


I don't know if these were killer deals but I think I got them at a good time and now the prices are pretty high on some of these systems. This summer I also got a few rares, some sealed for the 7800 at $10-$15 and I was expecting to pay double that for them down the road.

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Best deal I have ever got on an auction site was around last february. I got an Atari 7800, 24 7800 games and a game holder for $35. I don't remember all the games I got, but I remember getting Ikari Warriors, Commando, Title Match Pro Wrestling, Pete Rose Baseball, Impossible Mission, Xenophobe, Scrapyard Dog, F-18, F-14, Mat Mania. The funniest thing about this auction is that I was the only bidder and auction was for 5 days. What also helped is that the seller spelled Atari as "Atati" :D

My father was also lucky finding a misspelled auction once for a rare Tonka truck. I think he paid $20 for a truck that he later sold for $250.

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I do not buy much from Ebay, and what I do it is just at market and no real deal. I did find a little site that was not an auction site but an antique dealer. I was looking for an old time baseball glove on the site when I came across a box of atari stuff. They did not have a list but the description said Atari w/50+games. So I figured I would try. I offered $30 I think and they accepted. I go the box and it had about70 carts (no real rare ones though but alot I did not have since I had just started to get into it. It had CIB heavy 6er with all the manuals and warenty cards and such, A 6 switch woody, a vader and a 7800 with about 7 games. Everything had hookups and worked. Was pretty cool! I still check that site but have not found any since

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The best deal I got on Ebay was about a year ago when I bought a lot of 100 2600 games for $50. What made this deal worth it was the Off Your Rocker Cart and Q*Bert's Cubes that were in the lot. The downside was that 25 of the games were either Video Olympics, E.T or Combat cartridges and that there were 10 Pac-Man Carts.

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