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So you don't see that delay, Stephen?


I have no delay with my two LPC2103 (32 kiB ROM 8 kiB SRAM) carts, but with my LPC2104 (128 kiB ROM 16 kiB SRAM). But the delay is shorter than JAC! reported, ~7 seconds

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The HarmonyCart software and all development has now been moved to GitHub. From this point on, the latest release can always be downloaded from https://github.com/sa666666/harmonycart/releases.


I'm in the process of getting batari to add this link to the first post of this thread, so you won't have to read to page 6 to find it. Also, I hope to release version 1.4 sometime this month.

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I just cannot update my Harmony Encore firmware to PAL.


I cannot download the EEPROM loader with the programming tool v1.3. It just freezes at some stage.


Now I only get a black screen when I plug the Harmony to my PAL console. I still can connect to harmony with the programming tool.



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I am going to order a Harmony Cart in the next couple of weeks and would like to know first if it works on the Atari expansion unit for the Colecovision. If it doesnt, i do have an Atari 2600 i can use it on, but the Colecovision with the Atari expansion takes up less space.





The Harmony Cart works on the Colecovision Expansion Atari, including Supercharger multi-load roms, recent homebrew games, and fun original games with updated graphic hacks like Galaxian that looks like Galaxian.




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I just got the Harmony Encore. Does anybody know where I can get a copy of the Addendum? I've been looking all over, and it doesn't seem to be on the internet.

The 2 page Harmony Encore addendum is located between pages 4 and 5 in the official printed Harmony manual. If you order the Harmony Encore product from Amazon and EBAY it comes with a Harmony Encore Installation CD-R. On that CD-R is a PDF manual that contains a PDF version of the Harmony Encore addendum. Attached is the PDF file you are looking for.


Harmony Encore addendum.pdf

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My new crt TV doesn't seem to support 60Hz, so I put the PAL firmware on my harmony, but why does allmost every DPC game I boot up look crazy? medievel mayhem works but Stay frosty 2, space rocks, star castle arcade and others look crazy even if it says PAL in the filename, If the game starts with an atariage logo for example, there will be a second logo at the top of the screen and the screen slowly slowly stretches both upwards and down, anybody know my problem?


Used eeloader_104e_PAL50.bin & hbios_105_PAL50.bin

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