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Does Jag Doom run in highcolor mode?

kool kitty89

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You also can't really gouraud shade in any useful way, since the fractional parts of the gouraud shader work either on 4 or 8-bit boundaries, and the RGB boundaries are 5-bits. Another way to think of that is that you might be able to smoothly shade green and blockily shade red (with 16 shades), but blue can't be shaded at all -- not very useful for common colors such as white. ;-)

Huh, maybe a 12-bit RGB mode could have been useful in that respect (due to the 4-bit boundaries), though that might be so limiting there'd be little advantage over CRY at all. (you could get 4 brighness levels for any colors present in 9-bit RGB, 8 for 6-bit, and 16 for 3-bit -black being common though, so really 3/7/15 shades)


You also can't easily blend colors because saturation is also 8-bits, thus you end up with your math all screwed up, with colors wrapping around in unpredictable ways (i.e., bright green + bright green = black, which makes no sense).
Oh, so even 4-4-4 RGB wouldn't help there.


So the only other option for RGB would be shading in software?

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So the only other option for RGB would be shading in software?

Yes, although with 16-bit RGB this is so slow it would be unusable. The GPU has special instructions for dealing with CRY format shading, but for 16-bit RGB you need lengthy instruction sequences to break apart and repack the components.


One lesson I've learned with the Jaguar is that you're better off using the machine as the designers anticipated. If you try to do things any other way than The Jaguar Way it's very hard to get any performance.


- KS

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I would say the jag got off lightly with its port of doom the only version which was done well was the playstation. the 3do 32x and saturn versions are barely optamized jaguar ports. so in other words they are rushed ports of a rushed port. the 3do version is the worst offender the game is literally a beta version. And if you enter a game genie code via an emulator on the 32x version the level select goes to 24 levels i believe. but atleast the game is playable with a decent screen size. For me the worst port is easily the saturn since it was a very late very rushed very laggy very glitchy and most importantly it was such a dull game. my favourate ports are either the 3do (if im using my big tv) or the 32x. it is essentialy the jag version yes its rushed and unfinished but the game is still very playable, and having a decent soundtrack really improves the game for me. some say the music in the 32x sucks i disagree and for me nothing is worse than the playstation/saturn soundtrack.

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