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FailSafe Label Contest!


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We start the day with two new contest entries from Nathan Strum! Here they are:


Nathan Strum Submission #1


Nathan Strum Submission #2






All 35 submitted entries may be viewed here:


FailSafe Label Contest Submissions


Today is the last day for getting contest submissions in! You have until Midnight EST (Eastern Standard Time)!


Good luck!



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I've just finished with the last update for the contest! I received a flurry of submissions yesterday and have now posted the final entries to the contest page. They are:


Nonner242 (Entry 7)

Nonner242 (Entry 8 )

Nonner242 (Entry 9)

Nonner242 (Entry 10)

Nonner242 (Entry 11)

Nonner242 (Entry 12)

Nonner242 (Entry 13)

Luiz Scocca (Entry 1)

Renato Brito (Entry 1)

Renato Brito (Entry 2)

Renato Brito (Entry 3)

Renato Brito (Entry 4)

whowantschips (Entry 1)

whowantschips (Entry 2)

whowantschips (Entry 3)


Also updated Jah Fish's entries and the combined effort from Jah Fish and Nonner242. The label for SEgamer's second entry was also updated.


Some highlights:












All contest submissions (51 in total) may be viewed here:


FailSafe Label Contest Submissions


Thanks again to all the talented artists who took the time to submit one or more entries for the contest! I hope everyone had fun creating their labels and we truly do have some amazing talent here at AtariAge. :) I'm glad I don't have to make the ultimate decision as to which label will grace FailSafe! :D



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Hello All!


Here are the winners for the FailSafe Label contest!



JahFish & Nonner242 #1 - (although I have two things to ask: 1) replace the Atari Logos with AA logos, and remove the "A game by Bob DeCrescenzo" text (please))


Runner Up:

Nonner242 #13

whowantschips #2

Terry Wilson #1


Honorable Mention:

Andrew Bushman #1




Thanks everyone for submitting a label, and congratulations on the winners - this was a VERY difficult decision to make (took me almost a week) as in all honesty I liked every one of them.


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wow, what a surprise icon_smile.gificon_partyhat.gif


thanks for your choise, bob!


icon_eek.gif Yes Bob Thank you for your pick!icon_mrgreen.gif

And Jahfish for all his hard work in the label.

And also want to thank Al for his work setting this great contest up and all the other Great submissions for the contest from all the talented AA members.

I think the best part of these is seeing how creative people get with them, I really love it..I wish they never would end.icon_laughingblue.gif

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