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Throwing my hat into the ring...


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Hi, all. Sorry about the delay since my last post -- real life has been very demanding of me lately, and TI stuff has had to take the back burner. One of these days, I hope to resume work on this project...


In the meantime, I just had a flash of inspiration: To free up character sets for other graphics (or text), instead of using the joystick input to pick which character(s) will be used for the sprites (to show the change in direction), why not just change the character definitions? That way, instead of defining 36 characters for each color of the the player's sprite, I only have to use 4. That takes me from 72 characters down to 8, freeing up 64 characters for other things. I could even leave most of the original code intact; except for the CALL PATTERN statement, which would become a CALL CHAR statement (with some modification, of course). The definition string for the sprite character data would be stored in an array, so the CALL CHAR would look something like



where "Z" would be a number generated from the X and Y from the CALL JOYST command.


Any thoughts?

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