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Can't Figure Sprite Out

Primordial Ooze

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I'm trying to create pong for the TI-99/4A and can't seem to figure out how to make my characters look like paddles and balls. Here are the two call char commands that setup my paddle and ball sprite:

13 CALL CHAR(32,"33333333CCCCCCCC")
14 CALL CHAR(33,"00777777EEEEEE00")

Can anyone please help me out?




Cell Wall Rebound


EDIT:Nevermind i figured it out.

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Character 32 is typically the "space" char. filling up the screen when cleared. Maybe you would want to avoid using that one. How about something like this ...


110 CALL CHAR(33,"C0C0C0C0C0C0C0C0C0C")
130 CALL SPRITE(#1,33,16,60,1,#2,34,16,110,120,#3,33,16,90,253)
140 GOTO 140

And you probably meant ...


13 CALL CHAR(32,"3C3C3C3C3C3C3C3C")
14 CALL CHAR(33,"007E7E7E7E7E7E00")


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Note that you can also do stuff like:


100 CALL SCREEN(2) :: CALL CHAR(33,"C0C0C0C0C0C0C0C0C0C")
110 CALL MAGNIFY(2) :: CALL SPRITE(#1,33,16,60,1,#2,34,16,110,120,#3,33,16,90,253)


For reference purposes I've posted a link to the extended basic manual.

You might want to check the "development resources" sticky thread.

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