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On 2/7/2023 at 12:13 AM, Retrospect said:
Line 240 has been corrected to display :D$ properly ... an interesting result on two different TI computers. On the left is the 99/4 and on the right , the 99/4A

Ref.: http://shawweb.myzen.co.uk/stephen/artic6.htm
TI never published any sales data for the 99/4, but an independent market research firm estimated that TI would sell 25,000 between its introduction and the end of 1980 (FORTUNE, June 16, 1980, p.139). During the summer of 1981 TI quietly introduced the 99/4A with a list price of $525. By the time production of the 99/4A ceased in late 1983 or early 1984 the store price for a brand new 99/4A was $50, and over 1 million, perhaps several million 99/4As had been sold.
Ref.: https://oldcomputers.net
Units shipped: 2.8 million.
Ref.: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TI-99/4A
The 99/4 sold poorly. Very little software was available, as few developers ported their products to its 16-bit CPU. The machine was met with almost universal disdain when it was released. Every review complained about the keyboard, the lack of lower case characters, any sort of expansion, and lack of software. In July 1980, Adam Osborne reported that, despite poor sales, TI had raised the price of a complete system to $1,400, higher than the popular Apple II, which started at $950. Osborne said, "Some dealers, who have offered the complete system (including the monitor) for less than the price of the Apple, have still been unable to sell it". TI sold fewer than 20,000 computers by summer 1981, less than one tenth Apple or Radio Shack's volume; even Atari, Inc., which reportedly lost $10 million on sales of $13 million of computers, had an Atari 8-bit family installed base more than twice as large. David H. Ahl described the 99/4 as "vastly overpriced, particularly considering its strange keyboard, non-standard Basic, and lack of software". The Times called it an "embarrassing failure".
Testing for the 99/4 (no A) is ... nice ... but also ... !?!? 😐

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@sometimes99er Yeah, I know, it's a curiosity of mine.  I knew the 99/4 would fail to display the image properly due to the fact that we couldn't literally type those characters (lower case).  


This is gonna sound strange but I like the look of the 99/4 , even though I've never had "hands-on" with one to use it's keyboard.  It can't be any worse than a ZX-81 ! 

I never realized they were universally disliked upon release though!  TI charged too much.

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The T-Cup and Fish (Screensaver)
1 Made the cup in Magellan
2 Copy into PSP and put shadow on it to have something to work from
3 Made shadow in Magellan. Might need to redo. (dread 😛 )

4 Made a fish to live and jump out of the water 'sometimes' :D


Got some lines from Magellan but it did not put out a picture. Some h. in, rest and I might get back to it!

#1 pic. is from PSP w/shadow!

#2 pic. is with grid and almost done. The shadow is making problems as it has to be 3 colours in one square!
#3 pic. is no grid and with fish that could be a sprite that jumps out of the water!

PSP Help.png

Mag tool w-grid.png

Mag tool no-grid w-fish.png

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