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Are you attending CGE2K10?


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I started this thread to keep track of AtariAge members who will be attending the Classic Gaming Expo this summer. If you're coming to the show (or think you'll be able to attend), please post in this thread and I'll add your name to the list!


Here's the list thus far (updated 7/29/10):


- Adrian

- Albert

- ApolloBoy

- atarian1

- Atari2600Lives

- batari

- bcombee

- bentheking

- bfstats

- BrianC

- Burgel

- Cav

- Cebus Capucinis

- chrisbid

- chuys450

- Cliff Friedel


- Cravins

- Crazy Climber

- -^Cro§Bow^-

- Curt Vendel

- Dan Iacovelli

- DeusExMachina

- doppel

- elviticus

- evg2000

- Guitarman

- Harry_Dodgson

- hhwolfman

- Joe Sm00th

- johnnywc

- Lee Krueger

- Lucky Man

- masteroftheclaw

- Mayhem

- Mitch

- Mr. Galaxian

- NoahsMyBro

- ntavio

- otaku

- PacManPlus

- phaxda

- purenergy

- Raygunn

- RecycledGamer

- Rick Weis

- rjchamp3

- Sauron

- Shquata

- Songbird

- SpiceWare

- swlovinist

- Tanman

- Tempest

- ThumpNugget

- VW

- Wonder007

- Wookie

- Y-bot

- yeaadudee

- zodiacprime

- 98PaceCar



- atarian63

- cvga

- kamakazi

- Mii

- PingvinBlueJeans

- Tom-Lynx

- Tursi


See everyone there!!



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I am hoping to go. However, if Joe Grand is going to be there selling stuff, I don't know if my wife will allow it. She is still getting over the fact that I bought his Amiga Joyboard and stuffed in my carry-on for the return trip from Portland. Luckily all the 8-bit games and the pre-release Harmony cart are smaller, so she still doesn't know about those...

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For the people who can't go I hope someone takes videos of the show and any speakers at the show.

I'll certainly take lots of pictures and should be able to walk around at least once to take video of the show. There's no way I'll be able to watch any of the speakers, though. I do plan on setting up at least one webcam, though.



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