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Questions for Odyssey 2 Experts


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I just won an odyssey 2 on ebay to add to my ever growing magnavox collection. Im curious as to when that 2 controller options were released. I know there is a hard-wired controller options and a removable option. I went with removable sicne i hear its much rarer. But which was first. When did the removable option come out.


I may also need to find the original manual for this, but i got the system for $15 with 7 games. And its gaurenteed to work so i figure not so bad

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I don't know what you mean with the 2 controller option. All odyssey2 came with 2 controllers, hardwired or detachable. If i'm correct the detachable versions are the oldest ones.

Then there are two different connectors for the detachable controllers. A db9 version and a Din version. There are also different versions of the joystick base. There are joysticks that have a square hole in the base where the joystick handle sticks trough. And there are versions with a star pattern.

Here is a picture with almost all know versions. Top left are two odyssey3 controllers.


There are also different console versions, at least the videopac versions. There are versions with build in power supply and versions with a separate power supply.

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Thanks for the help. If its about the original odyssey i know it but i dont know much about these. I snagged this the other day and was just curious. I hear the detachable ones are much rarer

eBay Auction -- Item Number: 2304373403031?ff3=2&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&item=230437340303&mpt=[CACHEBUSTER]


The other question i have is did this first model use the same odd game cable and switchbox as the original odyssey and odyssey pong systems


As for the odyssey 3 controllers how did you get those. I thought it never passed into a production run

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This isn't my collection :( But from a member of the videopac.nl forum. There where a few prototypes released in the USA. In Europe it was released as the G7400, and had only a dozen or so games that used the extra graphics capacity. The G7400 uses the standard Odyssey2 controllers, not the special Odyssey3 controllers like in the picture.

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oh okay. i was impressed ha ha. Well thanks for the info. Anything i should know about collecting for this system


Cool. Nice find, and yes those controllers are pretty rare.


Odyssey2 was the first video game console I ever played, what makes it special besides the sentimental value,

to me is... the flicker free graphics and smooth controls. The games are easy to play,

and rarely any problems with their control or gameplay. Freedom Fighters was one of my

favorites as a kid, also enjoyed Pick Axe Pete, Monkey Shines and KC Munchkin. Just to

name a few.


Only things to remember as an Odyssey owner... it's always good to make sure the game

is not pulled out while still on, or turned on with no game in, or dirty games sometimes can make

graphic shapes scrambled, the (SELECT GAME) screen could look like this *M ELECT AME*. It's a good idea

to do a gentle cleaning (with or without rubbing alcho) just to be on the safe side, to prevent game malfunction or damage to the O2 console.


If there's any questions you have about O2 games or whatnot, feel free to ask.

It's a pity O2 only had a small library, with counting the north american games, as

if it had only about 20 more common games (back in the 80's) it would be my favorite classic console.



Games to find,


Pick Axe Pete

KC Munchkin

KC Crazy Chase

Killer Bees

Quest for the Rings


Attack of the Timelord

Freedom Fighters



Turtles may be hard to track down, but the majority is easy to get a hold of.


Good luck in your collecting. :D

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Thanks Jacob. Ya i have really enjoyed collecting the original odyssey. Thats addicting but this may be a slitghty cheaper addiction. I am working on creating an entire magnavox library. Eventualy ill have every release for magnavox in its lifspan. Like i said thanks for the help. I hear the odyssey 2 uses the same odd rf cable as the original odyssey back then it was first made then it switched to a normal rf cable. Is this true

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I've had a boxed Odyssey that even has the return from magnavox box showing it was refurbished with original paperwork for years....It wasnt til this year that I tracked down Power Lords.....Didn't see that on the list of games to pick up, but the sooner that one is out of your way..the rest should be found fairly easy...


Good luck....and welcome to collecting OD2 games :thumbsup:

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You can plug in and pull out games when the console is turned on without a problem. The european versions even lack a power button. If a game has scrambled text onscreen it's either dirty or not fully pushed in.

A other release worth owning is Robot City. It was developed when the odyssey2 was still around. It has been released recently (i did the cover design ;) ), and is worth owning.

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njb... here's two Odyssey 2/Videopac websites which are vital to look up scans, manuals, forums... etc






Both European sites... but they also include 0dyssey2 and videopac.nl is currently the most active!

Plenty going on in the forums. Also has an O2 arcade online, which u can play 02 games in emulator form. :thumbsup:

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