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Ti Hurdles


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Hello everyone, This is my 30 line entry. I don't know where the idea came from but it is a hurdle jumping game. I couldn't get the framerate needed for the control scheme I wanted, but I tinkered around till I got it acceptable for what I wanted.


You hold 'D' to run if you let off you slow down fast and when you jump you slow down.

You press 'E' to jump.


You will have to gain enough speed to clear the hurdles or you will land on them and this will affect your score.


Scoring is based on how long it takes to clear 10 hurdles and you loose points for hitting a hurdle. A near perfect run will be over 3800 pt's.


The game begins when it is ran, no intro or start signal. You have the option of trying again at the end of the game.


The Game was written on classic99 although my emulator of choice is win994a. It should be ran in normal speed so it should be runnable on a real ti-99/4a in Extended basic.





Glad to see this forum for the TI, maybe I can share some other stuff later.


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after I had a working game I kept on adding graphical features till I use most of the space available for the contest, the last thing I added was the final hurdle finish flag. I also animated everything to add that extra touch to it. I was very fun. I like the sprites and I wish harry wilhems basic compiler supported them as that is what I like to develop with. Xb just doesn't have enough framerate to get the most out of the sprites.


I was thinking about a series of track and field games like javelin and long jump, but I have to figure out a more interactive control system with xb's slow framerate.

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