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Atlanta Area Classic Video Game Meeting

Rob Mitchell

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Last night we had a nice gathering at Starbucks in Kennesaw, GA (outside Atlanta). Dennis, Brian, Todd, Ben and myself sat about and talked game tech. Missing was Moycon .. Maybe next time?


Brian brought his laptop and showed a working kernal which is the beginning of a 2600 maze game.


I brought my highly modified 2600 4 switch .. and pointed out all its features.


Ben brought a 7800 Karetka cart for me .. I provided him with a cheap cup of coffee in exchange.


Dennis brought EdTris and a "My Son's Name Here" text program cart .. both manufactured by Randy at Hozer .. in memory of Randy.


Todd wowed us by telling us he has about 350 Atari carts (includes label variations). He got a Supercharger from Dennis.



We had a great time ... and discussed getting together to show, trade and play some games. This group of guys is a great start for an Atlanta based classic gaming show.


Rob Mitchell, I-85 & Clairmont, Atlanta, GA

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I think your 3 vectrexs and that modified 2600 are much more wowable :)  I still have never played a vectrex.


No s***? Dude they're tons of fun, especially if you have a multi-cart. :D


Yup .. Even better if you have the Vectrex RAM cart .. and the Starplex 5 button controller for games too!


Rob Mitchell, Atlanta, GA

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Looks like I've just missed a great get together. :( Rob' date=' I'll be in Atlanta this Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. (14th-17th) Any chance you'll meet again this weekend?


Oh d***! Well I'm free tonight (Sat), Monday day (before 2pm), and briefly on Tues night. PM me ..


Rob Mitchell, Atlanta, GA

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It's time to start thinking about a real Atlanta area meeting. We need to follow up on our successful coffee house meeting ... Now that the holidays are over .. and my car is fixed .. I have more time. Maybe I can talk my wife into letting us use our downstairs rec room.


Rob Mitchell, Clairmont & LaVista, Off I-85N, Dekalb Co., GA.

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