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HSC Season 2 Week 32: Rip Off

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Rip Off


I discovered a fun way to play Rip Off: configure your one and two player input controls to be exactly the same. Operate two ships simultaneously using one controller.


So, you get two competitions for the price of one: single player mode for purists and two player aggregate score. However, you can compete in both for more points this week.


Do me a favor and prefix your two player scores with "2P:" for clarity. It will be assumed to be a single player score without any prefix.


Notice that the competition has been extended a little over 1-1/2 days this week.





The player uses a tank-like vehicle to protect fuel canisters from the game-controlled "pirate" tanks. Pirate tanks hook-up and drag the canisters off screen. The game speed and difficulty increase with each successive wave until all the canisters have been "ripped off".



Game Information

Game Name: Rip Off

Released By: Cinematronics, 1980

MAME ROMset: RipOff

Dip Switches: Lives: 16

Chosen By: rmaerz

ROM Location: http://www.romnation.net/srv/download/rom/57522/mame103/Rip-Off.html

World Record: 15,590 (single player)


Competition ends Monday, March 22 @ 8PM EST


Leaderboard: Single Player

1. 4,410 roadrunner

2. 3,060 rmaerz

3. 2,080 LarcenTyler



Leaderboard: Two Player Aggregate

1. 5,320 rmaerz

2. 3,380 LarcenTyler




Season Standings

Calculations through week 31

1. darthkur 300

2. roadrunner 246

3. aftermac 177

4. retrorussel 88

5. LarcenTyler 85

6. rmaerz 63

7. SpiceWare 44

8. Mister VCS 42

9. Fallout_002 38

10. Kurt_Woloch 36

11. Shannon 33

12. Dr Galaga 31

13. MaximRecoil 21

14. 4Ks 19

15. rsiddall 11

15. Zoyx 11

17. joeypsp 10

18. maximebeauvis 9

19. HatNJ 8

20. Gamemaster_ca_2003 6




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I guess there's no too much love for Rip-Off, eh? Or is it the weather?


I thought peeps would find this a lot of fun in two player mode where you operate both ships with the same controls...


I probably won't be able to play this again until Monday as I am at Mark Alpiger's 2010 Arcade Tournament in Flemington, NJ this weekend.

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