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7800 - Tempest


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This is really snazzy, and I look forward to it, having an unhealthy addiction to Tempest in all it's forms, from the lowly 2600 prototype, to the stellar Tempest 2000. This is truly a game that deserves a home on each Atari system, and I look forward to seeing it in eventual cartridge form for the 7800.

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OH WOW it really is being done! This looks AMAZING! good luck with this! Tempest is reason enough alone to spend 100 on an XM. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Thanks for the compliment. It has some glitches and the line drawing is a bit slow :(. However, as soon as I've cleared some other projects off my todo list I'll be looking at it again.

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Hey Bee


I know you've been busy with other projects just wondered if you knew when you might pick this up again, I definitely wish to buy a copy as will many others and this will be another awesome entry to the xm catalogue, tempest is an awesome game.......And if any star wars versions were possible i would also definitely join that party


We are blessed to have so many great people involved in this atari family

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Doesn't look like it. Groovy Bee and now PacmanPlus are MIA.


Yeah - I know it's hard to contain excitement, but sometimes people get really crabby when a homebrew project isn't moving at the speed that they'd like. Can take the fun out of the hobby of making a game and sharing it with others for the love of the art.


I'm not singling anyone out. I'm guilty of it too by asking about Adventure II for A8 a lot.

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Generally most on AtariAge are nice and helpful, on the surface.

Arguments happen from time to time, that can't be helped.

Nasty things must happen behind the scenes.

Lots of software and hardware designers have gone quiet, and we can only speculate.

Were they threatened with infringement? (I'm quite guilty of infringing, but I want to make want I want to play on my Atari.)

If others can enjoy it also and have it generate some funds to keep this great website going — great!


A lot of the pre-payment hardware vaporware sure hasn't helped. I'm still waiting on 7800 XM and a few Vectrex prepaid hardware and software...


So it could be lack of communication, or too much communication. Some will go silent until their stuff is nearly or fully completed.

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