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Sleeps Super Uper Dooper Contest!


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Hmmm... this is a "contest," but you're asking for the equivilent of an "entry fee," aren't you? OK, you've set a precident:


FROM THIS POINT ON: All future Sniderman Giveaways will now have a $3 entry fee for each participant to cover the cart, shipping, and my time. If  your entry is incorrect, I will keep the money anyway.  


See? THAT'S why people are giving you Hell in this thread. Your "contest" is just a thinly-veiled trade thread....and only one person gets a prize, everyone else is just sending you free carts. (And the prize isn't really Atari-related either...)


You need to put the kibosh on this quickly before folks start getting even more upset.


heh. Exactly what I was thinking. Sleep, I'm sure yer an honest guy and hopefully this "contest" you're having is totally innocent, but I don't think many people will be sending you their games at a chance to win a dough boy.

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Holy cripes Sleep!!! I had no idea you were telling the truth about this holiest of holy grails. Quick PM me your address. I want to be the first to send you some free carts.

of course I was telling the truth, did you think this was some kinda joke? huh? some kind of SICK joke! do you know who i am? I am the truthiest person who ever truthed!

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