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Sleeps Super Uper Dooper Contest!


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I tells ya, the answer is ALWAYS 42!


But uhh, what was the question?  :ponder:   :D


The super computer that was the Earth was blown up 5 minutes before it could come up with the question for the ultimate answer of life, the universe and everything.


Happened on a Thursday. Never could get the hang of Thursdays.


Oh well. Don't panic. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy should have some updated material about the Earth...let me see....


Earth ------- mostly harmless.



I told you the guide would have some info on the Earth :)

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I have a great contest idea!!!


Everyone send me all your Quadruns, Crazy Climbers, Chase the Chuckwagons, and Prototypes, and I'll high-tail it for Switzerland..




HEY! you stole my idea. Now I have to get my lawyers to get you and we will use your Avatar as evidence (anyone carving up PacMan has issues :D )

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I think he's just waiting till someone gives the right answer...


and that answer is:


Actually, the cult that I am a part of prohibits me from answering this question - it is much too sacred of a topic to go off spatting about unrefrained in such a public forum. For God's sake, Sleep! There might be christians in here!


(how did you like that irony?... "For God's sake" ... "christians" - HAHAHAHAH!)


Oh, and for the sake of my reputation... those who are easily offended -please go read the disclaimer on the back of Michael Jackson's Thriller video as it applies to this message, in this thread, in this forum, on this page, on this web, on the internet that I invented in my mind 7 years before computers when online.


HUH? :ponder: :? :D

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