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Sleeps Super Uper Dooper Contest!


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alright, this is the only thread around here in the last couple of days that actually made me laugh out loud.


I think Sleep may have been that dude that was stuck in Antarctica, now that they've rescued him I'm sure he'll be along shortly.

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This thread harbors very bitter memories for me:


From: Sleep

To: moycon

Posted: 08 Nov 2002 12:58 am

Subject: hahahaha

please send away your life to me at this address:


Andrew Renteria

630 S. Seward Ave

ventura CA 93003


gimme your address as im just gonna send the doll to you even if you send me carts or not. IMO you deserve it!


From: Sleep

To: moycon

Posted: 08 Nov 2002 07:26 pm

Subject: sup' dawg

hey man ill send out your doughboy tomarrow...you know...the thing you won.


:x :mad: :x

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