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Test Sample $5 for one person - TI-99 RCA Video Out...


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Ok - made a few. The video / audio look pretty nice, but there's a little bit of humm in the noise and the video looks pretty good, but it's not quite as sharp as I was expecting. I don't know if it's my TI or the cable... I have 3 TI's but only one appears to work these days.


I'll offer one person the cable for $5, shipped for their comments.




So, I bought some DIN-5 connectors. Had to buy a bunch to get a good value. So, that means if I can make them work... I'll be making a bunch into cables available for sale. Probably $8-$10 shipped or something like that. Need to calculate my total cost, but depending on what I get for cables (dollar store versus quality), price will vary. Will be shipping first class to save unreasonable "priority" charges.


I think I'll wind up with 6 extras.



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I don't think you will have any problem finding people who need them, but I also think you can buy the 99/4A A/V cables already made. Tex*In Treasures might have them. I can't remember where I got mine, but it is a manufactured cable (maybe it is original, I can't remember.)



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hehe... definately. :) But there's a practical reason, too. Some modern systems (like my old projector, grr) can't handle the 262 line progressive scan signal the TI, and other classic systems of the day, outputs. Specifically in my case, the bottom half or so of the screen would jump and flicker badly. This happened with my Atari 2600, ColecoVision, Genesis and TI. So a more modern output video signal keeps the machines running on modern displays. ;)


Just not sure which approach I'll take. Since my solution is reasonably years out yet, not much point planning in too much detail. ;)

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I was under the impression that the TI-99 4/A used the same monitor cable as the Atari 800/XL/XE and the VIC-20. At least, I believe I remember seeing pre-packaged video cables in the old days - that listed it was compatible with these 3 computers. Is that not the case?


I am looking to add the TI to my collection, and I was hoping this is the case, but now I am not so sure! Any thoughts?


I don't suppose the TI will output separate chroma/luma (S-video) on that same connector, like the Atari, though??

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