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Driving Crazy - My Debut Novel!

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That's really interesting to read. Is the movie thing still in play?


It is, though I'm finding just how s-l-o-w the movie industry is. Both of the decision makers (the money guy and the script writer) have read and tell me they absolutely love Driving Crazy and want to make the movie. They're currently working on making a Stephen King short story into a movie, and I think they have other projects in the works, so mine is a few years off. But on the plus side, they tell me they plan on using Driving Crazy to branch off into a new genre for them, with a new company name. Friel Films makes horror and dramas, so "Five Laps Films" will be the imprint that creates DC. They haven't bought the rights from me yet, so it's not a done deal by any means, but they have been keeping me in the loop, so I figure that's at least somewhat promising.


Oh, and FYI - the eBook version will be 99 cents for one more day (Thur 6/29) and will jump to $3.99 come Fri 6/30 - or so my publisher is telling me.




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