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New Feature: Members Map


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I've just added a new feature to the forum: A Members Map that allows you to see where other AtariAge members are located throughout the world! Simply click on the "Map" link at the top of the page and you can add your location to the map. Will be fun to see where everyone is!


Friends will show up on the map with a green "F" pin. Your location will show up with a blue pin and a house icon.


Here's a direct link:





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It doesn't work for me, I tried multiple locations in my area and it always puts me in this Wildlife Preserve in northwestern North Dakota for some odd reason. I am now living in Madagascar like a good monkey but will move whenever it puts me west of the Dakotas!

Can you PM me specific locations you tried to enter? This "Member Maps" app is still in beta testing, so it's probable there are still bugs in it.





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Slick! I've done some Google Maps apps for clients here at work as well. One of the nice features is that you can customise the pins. For example, you could use AA logo'd pins like these.






I'm sure someone could do a better job of this, but you get the idea.


Anyway, fun map!

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Added myself in Phoenix, AZ USA but then I could only see my own location when I viewed the map. I could no longer see ovalbugman's location.


I deleted and added myself back using the location of a landmark in my part of town.

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