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TI99/4A find at a thrift shoppe


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I'll just show you guys in an upload to youtube.




I would fancy myself a TI99 noob with NO experience with the beast.


I'd be tempted to offer a trade if someone were to PM me an offer.


I'd personally LOVE to find me a Tandy CoCo2 somewheres =)

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Our favorites were Parsec, Alpiner, Chisholm Trail, Tombstone City and Munchman. You have quite a few goodies there for sure.


Would you be interested in parting with one of your Extended Basics? Maybe some of your other doubles? Shoot me a PM if you are.



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That was indeed a great find. You've got some rare carts in that bunch too. I am extremely envious. The obsessive collector in my wants to get those off you but the "nice guy" part suggests that you keep everything and have a blast with it. The TI is a great system and can be extremely fun.

Getting A/V cables is quite easy. Here's where I've got mine and it's only $5:



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I STRONGLY recommend trying out the TI before you get rid of it. The TI is an excellent gaming system and has some outstanding titles. Q*Bert, Donkey Kong, Popeye, Parsec, TI Invaders (best SI clone ever!), Munchman, and many others! Carts aren't expensive either so getting a cool collection won't take long.


Long live the TI! :)

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Coming in late to this thread but that is a great find! I just got a TI-99/4A myself and some of the games are quite fun. What a score for 20 bucks!


My only issue is that I don't have a console where all the keys work. Were these keyboards prone to failure? Is there an easy way to repair them?


I now have three systems (trying to find one that works 100%) and on one of them ONLY the "0" key works, on another about half the keys work and the third all keys work except "8" and "K" (so close).

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