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A800Win+ Savestates from newer versions don't play nice on version 4.0 - and they corrupt various settings.


So, I couldn't check it out. I'm avoiding the 4.1B or whatever it's called, as it's buggy and I get sick of having to reset settings all the time.


If only these emulators would use INI files instead of the Registry...

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Great work xxl :thumbsup: :thumbsup: had a quick play on the emulator will try on my XE tomorrow. Still think the single invader is a bit quick, and the pause after losing a life is a bit too long. Just needs the da-da invaders noise adding and you have the best space invaders on the A8 ;)


Will be suggesting ainvaders to play in the High Score Contest soon; speaking of which if anyone wants to play the current game is Zone Ranger, Voting open for the next game and it'll be a classic, plus there is the April Bonus Torurnament 'Best of Basic' which everyone is welcome to play in too. Even if you don't want to play regularly why not have a few goes and post a score.



[edit] played on 130XE (PAL) today :)

also noticed that pressing a key makes you fire!

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Played a few more goes but definitely too hard when there's only one invader left; I died with 2 and 3 men left... compare this to your excellent Galaxians conversion where on one quick go I made it to level 5. I think this needs addressing to make the game more fun ;)


Are there any other Apple ports :?: (was nightmission pinball a port?)

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