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My Air Raid Auction Update


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Good to see you again! BTW, feel free not to answer this :P But I was always curious as to what you and your wife used the Air Raid money for. I think you said at one time but damned if I can find it again!

Well, I really don't have one thing to show for it. At that time my wife, now ex, was trying to get her PHD. So I am sure some went to that.

I Switched professions so, I was able to ride the rough parts some.

i DID buy a lot of of Atari classic games and computers. Ill get it all organized again and post a pic.


A few months ago, I gave a Skype interview with a cable network that was making a series about people who had come into a chunk of money and what they did with it. I did not get picked to be on the program because I did not have a good story with what I did with the money. I could not point at a car/house/coin/anything of value at say that is what I bought with the money. I put it to good use, but nothing that I can point at.



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Whelp, I've had about enough of that conversation..


attachicon.gifScreen Shot 2015-12-03 at 5.06.51 PM.png



Well... I have come out of the shadows after a few years to say hi. And I did have the first air raid box. So according to these fruit loops it is time for me to drop my next bomb...




After digging through my storage locker, I am proud to announce that I will be taking the next step in my ongoing conspiracy by selling an unopened Air Game Box on eBay. Bid now before it gets away!!!


Nut jobs.....

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It's taken me a few nights, but I have finally made my way through this thread! :o


A big thank you to TanMan for finding and "authenticating" the box and a big congratulations to Jose for acquiring it. It is very nice hear that it will be staying in the Atari community. You can add me to the list for getting a ticket to the Atari museum!


My burning question is after 6-7 years now... why does the AtariAge page for Air Raid still say that a box has not been found?

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