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Has Anyone Won on the Retrogamegiveaway Website Yet?

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I'm curious if anyone on the board has "won" the contest, either by winning a Flashback 2+ or some of the other prizes...








Yesterday, I was rather dismayed when the contest needle landed and stopped on the Atari clothing, only to "magically" jump to the losing spot thereafter.


Glitchy Flash...how I hope Apple slays it.

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I am trying now....here goes...

Same thing. What a bunch of CRAP! It stopped on the clothing and then it was like a movie skipping frames, just went BOOP right over to 'you lose'.

I think it's just a scheme to get e-mails so they can spam you.



You described it exactly as what happened to me yesterday.


I'm fine when the thing spins and lands on the losing spots but when it lands on a winning spot and then jumps to the losing spot, that I have a problem with.

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I've tried from time to time throughout the year and I've yet to even get it to win and magically glitch to a loss. Although there are only 300 prizes, I can hardly imagine that there are a ton of people playing this much to this day. You would have thought one Atari Ager would have won something.


After looking at the official rules, it appears as if after the contest is over you can get a list of the 300 that supposedly won-


14. Winner List: Winner List requests will only be accepted after the promotion end date (listed above) and no later than April 1, 2011. For the Winner List, send an email with subject line: "The Great Game Giveaway, Winner List Request,” to WinListRequests@eprizefulfillment.com.


I'll probably send an email in hopes that maybe they will just reluctantly send me one since I don't think they are all accounted for.

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