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[Forth] Byte Magazine Forth Special Issue from August 1980

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Byte Magazine used to publish issues that were focused on specific topics. In the case of the August 1980 issue the focus was on the language called Forth.

Thanks to AtariAge user ThumpNugget we now have a complete scan of this issue. Read to learn what people thought of Forth in the 1980's, gasp and laugh at the people who actually paid 5000 dollars for a 26mb hard drive!


Thanks to ThumpNugget for taking the time to scan 300+ pages!


August 1980 Byte Magazine

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Just registered to say THANKS! I did a search today for "Byte Mag Scans", curious to see if anyone has done any new scans from Byte Mag yet. I'm not old enough (21) to have read any of the original Byte Mag issues, except the few that have been scattered around the net. Thanks again, JohnnyBritish and ThumpNugget, I really appreciate it!

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