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Pre-order: 7800 169 colour demo cartridge


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This is the official limited edition pre-order for the 7800 169 colour demo cartridge. Its development thread is here :-




The cart will have printed colour front and end labels. As soon as the label has been finalised I'll add a picture of it here.


I know that demos aren't as popular as homebrew games so I'll limit it to 15 20 25 carts for now. The final number isn't fixed and there may be more or less than that made (depending on demand).


The price is $30 (including P&P) to the USA/Canada/Europe and £20 in the UK.


1. GroovyBee

2. sh3-rg

2. nonner242

4. the.golden.ax

5. TrekMD

6. gambler172

7. retrogmr

8. evg2000

9. ianoid

10. slapdash

11. jake.depression

12. GaryH917

13. Mayhem

14. HFK

15. toymailman

16. Mitch

17. cd-w

18. RayXambeR

19. chuys450

20. Marc Oberhäuser







The number next to your name is the one you'll get. I know there are two 2's in the list, its not a mistake. Its because they are the artists on the project and it wouldn't be fair to rank one above the other.

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