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"His Dark Majesty"

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Nice to presents a new game "His Dark Majesty" by Ilmenit (main code), Marok (additional code), Jakub Husak (msx), Ooz (color gfx), Kaz (black&white gfx), Shawn Jefferson (translation help). It is a role-playing strategy game, you can read about on AtariOnline.pl in Polish or in English via Google Translator:




or in English on project webpage:




This is version 1.0 without some gfx and with some known bugs - Ilmenit will fix in next version. Some screenshots:
























The ATR file (game requires 64KB Atari, PAL):




Please test it and report bugs.

Edited by Kaz atarionline.pl
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Some impressive graphics and nice music there.


Played for a bit. Got creamed by the second screen.


I think the hints might get grating after a while - be nice to have an option to turn them off.


I solved with this strategy:




Now, I'm at level 4 and this game is really addictive. It remind me Civilization type game, very cool!

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I hope problems with Altirra will be solved (if it is an emulator's problem phaeron will fix it) because on my W7 machines I don't use Atari800WinPLus anymore.


WTF... yeah, I might be able to fix it, if someone had actually bothered to tell me what was wrong, or what version they had tested on. I just tried it with 1.6 and it seems to work fine.

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Intermittently fails on 64K NTSC 800XL and Altirra 1.6 (64K PAL) when pressing joystick button during opening animation. I think this is the problem:


(63469: 64,109) PC=51B5 A=00 X=FF Y=01 S=F5 P=B4 (N  I  )  51B5: 9D 00 D0         STA HPOSP0,X [$D0FF] = $0F
(63469: 65,  1) PC=51B8 A=00 X=FF Y=01 S=F5 P=B4 (N  I  )  51B8: E8               INX
(63469: 65,  7) PC=51B9 A=00 X=00 Y=01 S=F5 P=36 (   IZ )  51B9: D0 FA            BNE $51B5
(63469: 65,  9) PC=51BB A=00 X=00 Y=01 S=F5 P=36 (   IZ )  51BB: 4C 00 58         JMP $5800   [$5800] = $8D
(63469: 65, 12) PC=5800 A=00 X=00 Y=01 S=F5 P=36 (   IZ )  5800: 8D 00 D4         STA DMACTL  [$D400] = $FF

Altirra> .antic
DMACTL = 00  : none 2-line
CHACTL = 02  : invert
DLIST  = 2025
NMIEN  = c0  : dli vbi
NMIST  = 9f  : dli


The screen switching code has a chance of turning off ANTIC display DMA on a mode line with the DLI bit set, but doesn't disable DLIs. This causes ANTIC to issue DLIs every eight scan lines (mode 4), and I'm seeing the NMI handler get stuck in infinite recursion. The title screen doesn't have this problem and I can reliably get to the main menu if I jump from there.


Fantastic game, btw... I love SRPGs.

Edited by phaeron
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Looks like a great game with really nice presentation. I just tried it quickly in the emulator and I too got creamed on the 2nd screen :D I'll try it out on real hardware later. Thanks to everyone involved!

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There were some limitations on the amount of dialog that could be stored for each scenario, so I hope that I got the general feeling that Ilmenit was trying to convey. This is the first time I`ve seen the entire game all put together and it looks like a nice game, and looks really polished.

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I've had about 4 goes but haven't done the third one yet... maybe it's a case of using the forest/mountains to aid defence.


I also experienced it blanking out whilst loading on my VBXE 800XL (64+512). Rebooted and quickly skipped the intros and it worked the next time.

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Played it last night and before I realised it was 1:15AM.


Had one or two "close" matches where the other guy was down to his last 2 or so.


I'm thinking the strategy must be to shield your archers with swordsmen. No idea about the footmen. Would be nice to have some sort of guide which explains the pros/cons of each unit type.


Also, does anyone know if previous levels have a bearing on the subsequent ones? It might be that I'm starting with less units because I only just scraped through the one before.

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This is cool, I love Langrisser-style games. The UI is a bit clunky with only one button and no diagonal movement of the cursor. Would keyboard-based control be feasible? I played the first three rounds. It looks like a good strategy is to focus on attacking one enemy with multiple units, since their counterattack diminishes after the first one. Also try to block the enemy from surrounding any of your units.

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