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$20+2 Listings = Lock-in a lifetime free seller account on GameGavel


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Mods, Please consider letting this post ride off my long running, stuck thread. I am not sure how many people even read it anymore.


Open to exiting and NEW MEMBERS


$20 + 2 Listings = Lifetime Free Seller Account on GameGavel.com/GameGavel.co.uk. Many of you have asked for an opportunity to lock in a Lifetime Free Seller Account on the GameGavel auction sites. Here is your chance to kiss GameGavel fees (and a good % of your Ebay fees) away forever.


You have until Sunday May 9th to Paypal your $20 to admin@gamegavel.com (or email me if you need to send in a check/money order) and list your two items. Both conditions need to be met to lock into this Lifetime Free Seller Account.


So to reconfirm -- you pay $20 once and list two items in the next week and you are locked into a free seller account on GameGavel forever! No listing or selling/final value fees.


Not only do I want to plug this great opportunity but also help educate you all on how to sell successfully on both GameGavel, (now that you will have a free seller account) and also on Ebay. I have always thought since day one that if people used both GameGavel and Ebay side x side you could sell more and pay less fees.


For example, keep in mind that 70-80% of the items listed on Ebay don't sell the first go-around. That means many of you are paying to relist items countless times on Ebay before they sell. Now consider taking the items that aren’t selling on Ebay and listing them on GameGavel. Then taking items that aren’t selling on GameGavel and listing them back on Ebay – use both sites but only pay fees on Ebay – Not GameGavel. Now that your use of GameGavel is free then you have a great opportunity to sell items here and not pay as many fees to Ebay. And at the same time you are helping us continue to grow into the Ebay alternative that we all want. We all win!


We are doing this on the heels of our European launch and want to hit the ground running on both sites. So this offer extends to any of our European members as well.


With this free account you will never pay any listing fees and never pay any selling final value fees/commissions. The only fees that could apply are for listing enhancements like homepage featured items, top-of-category items, and bold titles and highlighted listings. Reserve price auctions and photo uploads will also be free to all with one of the Lifetime Free Seller Memberships.


Even if you are not using GameGavel now, with this $20 payment and a couple listings by May 9th, you will be able to use GameGavel for free in the future as it continues to grow. And if you aren't going to use it then you can sell it and transfer it to someone else (old account closed, new account opened - feedbacks will not transfer).


If any of you have any questions about this please let me know. I hope you all take this opportunity to lock in. Thanks to all of you for registering during the infancy of GameGavel and I look forward to continue providing you all with an Ebay alternative for gaming.


If you are one that already has a Lifetime Free Seller Account then you will obviously continue to have it forever.


So Cal Mike, Founder


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Video game completed sales on Ebay are much higher than your average ebay itmes. You have to take into account that those relists also take into account the large amount of purposly overpriced items that the sellers intend to relist untill someone bites or are listings from the ignorant type of seller who doesn't know the value of the item and relist it at the crazy price out of stupidity. Those relists take up a very large portion of unsold and relisted items on ebay. With ebay now giving away the first 5 listings per month with no listing fees that helps out alot for many people that only sell that little in the first place. It all comes down to having what people actually want to spend money on and being realistic of the value of that item.

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