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ATARIAGE'S 2,000,000th POST!


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Does the system let you see all posts in the sequence they were posted?

Technically there are already over 2,000,000 posts in the database, and each post does have a unique post ID. Right now the highest post ID is 2,004,704, and there are 2,000,266 posts in the database. For instance, if you hover over the "Post #6" link for your post, you'll see that the link ends with "2004701", which is the ID of your post. Over time some messages have been deleted (spammers, trolls, "double posts", and so forth), which is why there is a discrepancy between the two numbers.


I just did a little digging and the number displayed on the front page is the sum of the total number of topics started plus the total number of replies. I don't know why these don't add up to the total number of records actually in the posts table, which is over 2,000,000.


Here is the actual Two Millionth Post:







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I'm guessing there's no actual prize, though? Oh, well, I'm stoked anyway.

You should get a "2,000,000th Poster" graphic under your joysticks. Or the ability to change your custom status without having to make 5000 posts. :)

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